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Seiko began in 1881 in Tokyo's fabled Ginza district
and has grown to become one of the world's
preeminent watch brands. Their long and storied
history includes groundbreaking events such as the
invention of the world's first quartz-powered
wristwatch. Seiko continues to be an industry
technology pioneer today, as demonstrated by many
of their recent designs; the Seiko Kinetic, for
example, is a watch that needs no battery and is
powered simply by the movement of the wearers'
body. The unique Seiko Kinetic Chronograph takes
the technology one step further. It's a premier
watchmaker-assembled piece that combines the
precise functions of a timing device with a
self-charging power source. The Perpetual Calendar
design, another Seiko original, automatically adjusts
the calendar date of the watch through the next one
hundred years. The Seiko Chronograph is a popular
choice for people with an active lifestyle, enabling the
wearer to time events down to tenths of a second
while providing additional convenient and useful
features, such as an alarm clock and/or second time
zone. Look to Seiko for a watch constructed with
outstanding craftsmanship and exceptional accuracy.
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